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Blanchon Original Wood 1L B Timber

  • A water based hard wearing wood floor finish superior to any thing else available on the market today , a real technical innovation.
    Blanchon Original Wood Environment will leave the wood looking natural with little colour change, unlike an oiled finish, and will highlight the natural grain of the timber (except bare timber).
    Available in 4 finishes, Natural (Clear satin-matt), Clear Ultra Matt, Rough Timber (a hint of white, satin-matt) and Bare Timber, Bare timber as the name implies will leave the timber as if untreated but with the same wearing properties as the other finishes.
    The Blanchon Original Wood Environment is the only one of its kind available on the market, no other manufacturer has such a product, it is also suitable for all interior joinery.
    Original Wood Environment odourless and non yellowing is extremely easy to use and trouble-free.
    Simple and practical, ready to use, no dilution required, may be applied directly to suitably prepared wood using a short-hair roller or a good quality paint brush. No polishing is required to achieve a perfect finish on parquets and wood floors and all interior joinery.
    Original Wood Environment is very easy to maintain and refinish.
    The area can be reused very quickly thanks to its odourless, easy-to use, fast-drying formula.
    Blanchon Original Wood Environment is suitable for all commonly used types of wood. (Please consult us for rare exotic woods).
    Coverage: 15 to 20 sqm per litre per coat. (dependent on porosity of timber)

    Available in 1L and 5L

    Price excludes vat

Blanchon Original 1L