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Bona Traffic HD

•Silkmatt , Matt or Extra Matt

Faster curing saves valuable time for both contractors and floor owners
• Improved working conditions

  • Weight 1 kg
  • Bona Traffic HD – supreme speed and durabilty!

    Bona Traffic HD, the high performance finish for high-traffic areas, now delivers superior protection in less time than ever before, outperforming any other finish in terms of speed and durability.*

    Experience unparalleled wear resistance and minimized downtime. Floor owners are now able to get back on the floor just 12 hours after application.

    Bona Traffic HD is a powerful solution for areas such as shops, restaurants, airports and galleries, giving your floors long-lasting good looks and protection.
    *Wear resistance of Bona Traffic HD is 60% better than the next best performing product in key competitor product testing (SIS 923509) in March 2015.

Bona HD Traffic