Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Sale and acceptance of works.

  1. The placement of an order or acceptance of works/contract all customers are accepting and agreeing to all of our terms and conditions and implies the unconditional acceptance on the part of the customer to the Timbered Ltd Terms and conditions of business as set out below.
  2. The description and prices quoted are current at the date printed on the quotation and valid for 30 days excluding prices on timber and are subject to change without notice. Goods are invoiced at the prices ruling at the time of despatch. Details of alternations are available on request.
  3. (If applicable) Our Terms of payment are strictly
    1. Full payment prior to delivery on all flooring.
    2. Full payment for labour quotation seven days from completion or 50% prior to start of works when stated or discussed. The company may levy interest at 3% per month compound on all outstanding balances unpaid after one calendar month. And reserve the right to pass unpaid invoice to our solicitors who may also charge intrest and additional charges. Any complaints must be made in the form of a written letter seven days from the completion of works.
    3. Timbered Ltd hold no liability for any damage caused to property from the removal or replacement of furniture and or damage to furniture during removal and replacement. (we always ensure the upmost care is taken when removing furniture) Timbered Ltd are not liable for any damage to paint work or skirting boards and hold no liability for any damage caused by any previous work, weak repair or already decaying/broken issues from any other previous contractor.
    4. The Prices in the lists are those applicable to orders received for full cartons, rolls, packages, units or multiples thereof.
    5. Variations in colour occur due to changes in the nature of raw material used in manufacture. Timbered Ltd are not liable for a dispute in any one floor board colour or grain. Cartons and packages are clearly marked with product details and the goods must be checked before laying. No claims will be accepted for mismatched or faulty material if the material has been cut or laid.
    6. Claims arising from damage, delay or partial loss of goods in transit must be made in writing to the Company within 3 days, and the delivery ticket must be signed subject to damage or discrepancy. Claims for non-delivery must be made to the company within 10 days of invoice.
    7. All goods supplied by the company remain its property until paid for and it is a condition of any contract that the customer is deemed to have given his irrevocable authority for the company to enter his land and remove its goods at any time, and /or sever from the customers land or that of any person or company who has notice of these conditions, any goods belonging to the Company which may have become a fixture. Notwithstanding the foregoing, from the time when the customer has collected goods, or when the Company has delivered the goods either to the customer or to any independent carrier, then the risk therein and all liability to third parties in respect thereof shall pass to the customer, and the customer shall accept the responsibility for, and shall carry the loss arising from damage to the Company’s goods however caused.
    8. The Company endeavours to execute all accepted orders with reasonable promptness but shall not be liable in anyway for any loss or damage resulting from delays or defaults in making deliveries. Likewise The Company will not be liable in any way for the loss or labour costs resulting from delays or defaults in making deliveries howsoever caused.
    9. When delivering to site on behalf of a customer, Company driver or couriers must be able to obtain a signature as proof of delivery. We reserve the right to retain the goods should nobody be prepared to accept responsibility for them. The Company will accept no responsibly for the unloading of goods on site nor their storage or security.
    10. Materials will only be accepted back by prior arrangements and a handling charge of a minimum 25% will be made. Non stock or special orders cannot be cancelled or accepted back once the order has been placed and processed.
    11. Nothing in the Price List shall be deemed to constitute an offer and The Company reserves the right to reject and or all orders. No order is binding on The Company until an official acknowledgement, letter or despatch document has been raised on its official forms.
    12. The placing of all orders implies the unconditional acceptance by the customer of this and all the preceding Conditions of Sales. Any qualifications of variation in the customers order or acceptance or otherwise shall be excluded unless expressly agreed by Company in writing, and no employee on agent of the Company is authorised to make oral variations to these conditions.
    13. The company will not be liable in any way for replacement materials or labour costs resulting from incorrect material supplied. The company liability will be restricted only to the supply of replacement materials should it be proven that the company is at fault.
    14. ‘The Company’ in all the foregoing conditions refer to Timbered Ltd and/or its servants.
    15. Timbered Ltd is not responsible for the acclimatisation of our products sold: it is solely our customers’ responsibility. We expect our customers to work to ‘Industry Standards’ & BS8201.