Our Bastille Solid French Oak Collection, comes from sustainable managed forest from the northern French Belgian border. A slower growing Oak that provides a much tighter grain that can only be used for this process. New Oak that’s processed to create this reclaimed authentic undulated Oak flooring by burning the surface of the wood and then repeatedly lightly wire brushing to create the natural undulation. 

We do not use coloured oils to achieve any of our Bastille colours, but recreate mother nature using a series of chemical reactions with the natural tannins that already exists within Oak. 

Available in 10 authentic different colours unique to us. 

Wide range of mixed widths & long lengths up to three meters long with ten colour variations and texture. As with all natural materials, Timbered Bastille wood surfaces can be expected to have natural colour tone variations due to varying acidity levels within the wood, different harvest locations and tolerances within the colour finish application process. The degree of natural wood colour variation, referred to as “colour range”, can vary from production batch to product.  Please note that colour range is a natural characteristic of authentic wood surfaces and these variations is to be expected.

This product is ideal for any period property and specified many interior designers and architects in London.