Our client has a Georgian home on The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells, he knew that he wanted something special for the flooring. We at Timbered had the perfect answer !

“I bought the property in December 2014. I wanted to introduce my own particular style to this Georgian property and compliment the character that already exists. It really needed to be in keeping with the property and if carried out correctly presenting the wow factor on entry to the property”.

He turned to Timbered to do the work. “I initially went online because I was looking for a timber and flooring specialist,” says James. “Ideally, I wanted to source something local if I could as I believe that overall value and satisfaction derived from this consideration far exceeds the alternatives of dealing long distance.

The decision was made to go for a Bastille Oak timbered floor – a 10-year air-dried northern French oak. The flooring is not overly manufactured giving a real authentic feel with plenty of character. The undulated surface is created naturally.

It comes from responsibly-sourced trees that have been cut into square logs and left out to suffer 10 years of the natural weathering process. They are then planed to leave the natural undulated cracked weather face, but milled with a flat underneath and tongue and groove, meaning it’s suitable for installation in any commercial or domestic environment.

“Timbered hand-scrape the board edges and hand- sand the face, keeping as much of the original saw mills band saw lines on the face. They don’t use stains to create their finishes. The range of colours come from science and chemicals that react with the oak’s natural tannins. In effect, they trick the wood to recreate the ageing process that occurs over decades, various applications giving different shades and depth of colour. The end result is something that looks very much in keeping with the Georgian style of our property, which is what I wanted to achieve. If you walked into the house when it was first built this is what you may have seen.

"The beauty of the firm being local was that I was able to go to the showroom and see the timber in situ, it is one thing talking it through and looking at pictures online and it’s another seeing it in the flesh!”

James is more than happy with Timbered’s attentive service, as he explains: “As a layman, you have a vision but you don’t really know how it will unfold. Working through a project like this, things change and working with a team such as Timbered allows you to adjust to situations positively. Laurence has a great team of people working for him; they are trustworthy, engaging and you feel that they genuinely want you to be delighted with the end result.

Communication was key to the success of the laying of this floor and in this regard we were kept informed throughout the process. They are a very professional team and I would recommend Timbered to family and friends. Laurence came over regularly to the property to provide additional support and advise. This I found particularly good and reinforced the beauty of using a local business”.

And is James happy with the end result? “Absolutely,” he says. “It is a sensational natural timber floor that is in keeping with the property and enhances the beauty not just today but for the future as well. Without doubt it will stand the test of time. It is a natural floor and it will age beautifully over time only getting better and better.”